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Iron Fence - Aluminum Fence - Custom and Prefabricated

Charlotte Fence market is competitive from the big box stores to smaller companies. Watson Steel and Iron has found a spot in the marketplace. We often install Prefabricated Aluminum fence along with a custom Gate made of Iron or Aluminum. People like the custom gate to set off their yard but want to contain a dog or pool with the prefabricated fence.

We carry 3 different prefabricated aluminum fence products. Offering a Good, Better, Best kind of approach. So for every budget there is a fence or combination of custom and prefabricated work to make your project the best it can be.

Watson strives to be competitive in the market and will match any price for the same products. Keep in mind that the prefabricated fencing has MANY different products. Some designed to look good for a year and others designed to look good for several years. We can help you make the right selection.


Consider us for the best in Custom Iron or Aluminum Fencing

  • Fencing with Spears

  • Aluminum Fence - Horizontal

  • Modern horizontal fence - Quinten

  • Modern Horizontal - Lillian

  • Modern Horizontal - Samuel

  • Louver Fence - maximum privacy

  • Horizontal Wood look - Durable