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Angies List Top Award

We are pleased that our team continues to perform and meet client expectations.

We replace competitors rails regularly

Again a client has us replace the rails a competitor up the street did...

I ask - why not take the time and understand the differences. Price is likely the same but the quality of railing and installation makes the difference. 

Attention to detail in making iron rails and aluminum rails is the key ingredient...not a secret but many shops will take short cuts. Watson has been in business for over 50 years because Mr. Watson created a company that was to deliver a superior product and customer service. 

Watson Steel & Iron Works replaces another competitors railings

Attention to Details

Attention to details is why Watson Steel and Iron Works has been around since 1968. Starting with Mr. Watson, he instilled a culture where just good enough is not what we want. Anyone can put up a rail but when the finished product matters, call us. You will see from the fit, fabrication, cleaning of the welds, to the finish paint, we want it to look great. Our installers will take as much care as possible to make sure you are happy and thrilled with your experience.

Thanks for considering us.

5 years on Home Advisor - 5 star rating